Established in 2014, PFF is a cultural spectacle of art exchanged through fashion created by the people for the people. Pacific women, men and our youth are enabled and inspired to share their talents in a space created for them whilst giving them exposure to the greater community. 


The unity of our Pacific communities highlights the importance of cultural preservation in an exchange of fashion as well as history and storytelling and re-educating the community about family values in our advocacy against family and domestic violence, which is one of the silent killers of true development amongst our people.  Economic empowerment is not possible or achievable without a partnership of peaceful families and communities


We pride ourselves in being a very successful self-sustainable organisation we also ensure that we donate every year to organisations that respond to violence against women, children and families in the Pacific region. 

the managing committee

Cassaundra Rangip

Founder + Managing Director

Sophia Finter

Treasurer + Legal Compliance

Erue Bucher

President + Business Relations

Kathy Jaegar

Board Director + Events & Networking

Miriam Fairhead

Secretary + Business Development

Sarah Jackson

Board Director + In-House Designer

Unga Tupou

Board Director + Entertainment & Cultural Director

Nola Rasmussen

Board Director + Event Support

Deborah Fenwick

Board Director + In-House Designer

Letila Mitchell

Rako Designer + Back-Of-House Designer Consultant

Karl Bouro

Torn Parachute Photography + Videography Productions

Tate Wickham

Creative Projects + Social Media Manager

Melefifita PJ Alovili

Alovili Homes Founder + In-house Model Advocate

Esita Maen

Photography + Videography Assistant + Pacific Wave

Pari Hame

Torrens University + PR Intern




Shipping & Returns


Store Policy

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