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#PFFBNE is a cultural spectacle of art exchanged through fashion created for the empowerment of women and the enhancement of Pacific small to large sized businesses. PFF is created through mass collaboration of community engagement through the inclusion of young people of the Brisbane locality from different cultural backgrounds all over the Pacific and beyond who share their talents in modelling, entertainment, performance, music, dance and all forms of creative expression. The evolution of technology has allowed the platform to gain not only local participation but attract international participation from different Pacific Islands to unite on the common cause for empowering Indigenous Pacific people from Australasia, Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia.    


In addition, the unity of our Pacific communities highlights the importance of cultural preservation in an exchange of fashion as well as history and storytelling and re-educating the community about family values in our advocacy against family and domestic violence, which is one of the silent killers of true development amongst our people.  Economic empowerment is not possible or achievable without a partnership of peaceful families and communities


We pride ourselves in being a very successful self-sustainable organisation we also ensure that we donate a portion of proceeds every year to organisations that respond to violence against women, children and families in the Pacific region. 

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