Pacific Fashion Festival


Pacific Fashion Festival is very excited to announce our very own partner featured designers that has backed our brand since the very beginning and she has offered us her experience and mentorship. Sarah has also given opportunities to some of our models in her collections. Sarah Jackson’s SKJ will be releasing her collection “Gebilla” which means ‘Tribe’. Sarah’s new collection is going to take us back to Africa and the cultural and historical beauty with a modern twist using African wax fabrics Ankara, also known as Dutch wax fabrics to create a bold design with bright beautiful colours for both female and male. This collection is not just for African people but those who seek to express their inner strength as bold and beautiful. SKJ is known to add a flavour to our catwalk that exposes the cultural similarity of ethnic design that we all share and seek inspiration from African designs whilst also ensuring that we embrace multiculturalism on our platform that makes us more richer and unique.

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