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Mahawa means “bilum” (traditional bag) in Kairuku language of Papua New Guinea and is the creation and label of Brianne Kimmins. Brianne is of mixed parentage of Wedau, Milne Bay & Pinupaka, Kairuku and grew up in Papua New Guinea to be more of a tomboy and did not notice trends nor appreciate fashion as something of importance when living in PNG. It was only when she moved to Australia that she started to notice fashion trends whilst gaining a new appreciation of her PNG culture being away from home. Mahawa unapologetically designs pieces flattering to the woman’s unique physique with soft fabrics and is purposeful with colour, contrast and a bit of dazzle. Mahawa designs for this collection is based on her Mothers love for nature & her garden. Her collection that she will showcase in Australia is the the taro leaf being depicted in custom print is an actual picture of a Taro plant from her Mothers garden in Lae. Brianne adds that Papua New Guinea is so blessed to have some of the most unique plant species in the world and has taken the beauty of a mere leaf in PNG gardening and celebrated gardening as an art form of PNG culture and people. 

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