Pacific Fashion Festival

This year the host show label, LIDA, will be releasing its collection Viva La Diva meaning “Long Live the Woman”. LIDA is the label that is trademarked and owned by the show host organisation to celebrate women as leaders. LIDA is an expression in Papua New Guinea pidgin language to refer to someone as a “leader” which is usually men with deep pockets and high positions in society. LIDA flips the¬†meaning to relate to both women and men as equals in society. The LIDA brand is intended to be produced as a fashion label for raising funds for the cause of victims of violence in Papua New Guinea. LIDA is the brainchild of Cassaundra Rangip in partnership with established Designer Deborah Fenwick who uses a riot of colours from PNG, her birthplace, as well as the elegance of black and silver to showcase the inner Diva in us all.¬†

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