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Pacific Fashion Festival

Established in 2014, the Pacific Fashion Festival is a cultural spectacle of art, design and culture translated into fashion through a community collective for the people and by the people. The demand of our Pacific women, men and youth to share their talents on an empowering and nurturing platform is significant and we enable them to build their confidence, nurture their talents and give them the exposure to the greater community of endless opportunity.

Unity of our communities from Fiji, , Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Hawaii, Kiribati and many others creates a culturally rich exchange that stimulates opportunity in these emerging markets within the fashion industry and its supporting industries.

Pacific Fashion Festival is created to showcase, develop and nurture talent for the economic empowerment of our Pacific communities whilst advocating against community, family and gender violence. Proactive and creative advocacy aligned with cultural celebration shines a light on an issue very hidden and shamed in our communities to create an open and safe dialogue.

In addition, this initiative also embraces cultural diversity, unity, positive body image, confidence and family values.

As a social enterprise and community collective all profits are reinvested into building this platform for the empowerment of our communities whilst excess monies are donated to Femili PNG in Papua New Guinea and other human rights defenders such as Monica Paulus (Papua New Guinea) and urgent victims of sorcery-related violence, for example, Kundiawa Hospital, Chimbu.

Our Moto

To create, collaborate and empower the Pacific community through infinite channels of fashion and the freedom of expression.

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